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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Long Quiche Goodbye - A Review

A frothy tale of frommage, fraught with falsehood, framing and frippery. Lovelorn Charlotte Bessette has converted her grandparent's little, cheese shop into the Fromagerie Bessette, stocked with the finest wines and cheeses from around the globe and is prepared for her grand opening. Everyone in the quaint village of Providence, Ohio--bordering Amish country--will be there, as well as busloads of tourists from Cleveland including Zinnia, the gourmet food critic from Delicieux magazine.
The scene is set for disaster. Add in local politics, crooked real estate agents and a flock of wealthy women and one is hardly surprised to find a body on the sidewalk outside the fromagerie. When Charlotte's grandmother--the current mayor of Providence--is found crouched over the body covered in blood, Charlotte has to strike quick to prove her grandmother's innocence.
Stepping on the toes of the local police chief, Charlotte and her side-kick, Rebecca--recently converted from the Amish life--gather clues and red-herrings until the entire town is suspect of the murder. Not since Agatha Christie has a female author created an amateur sleuth with a penchant for details.
Aames experience in co-starring on Murder She Wrote and Matlock has kept her in good stead. This debut novel in the three-book mystery series, The Cheese Shop Mystery series, is a well-thought-out cozy of a mystery that will keep you engrossed for hours.

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