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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Option – A Review

When Lindy Roller gets her orders from the Cartel bosses she heads back north to Tucson. The notorious professional killer has orders to rub out another dead-beat loser who is being used as an example by the Mexican drug-dealers.

That Lindy has a past in Tucson is no concern to her boss, Juan Pacheco, but it is to her. Having staged an escape from the Pima County jail before fleeing to Mexico Lindy has many people in Tucson that would be happy to see her back behind bars. From the attorney Larry Ross who she duped into hiring her while she was nothing more than a spy for the opposition, to the head of homicide, Greg Kelly who was unwittingly having a torrid affair with her while she was the most wanted felon in Pima County to poor old Jim Pierson the deputy she had at her beck and call sexually while she planned her escape, not to mention the two other murder complainants who had charges dropped as she was not there to testify after her getaway.

The dead-beat cocaine user she was to put on ice was a top orthopedic surgeon whose life was beginning to unravel after a nasty divorce and a suspension from the hospital. Dr. Jeff Young was also being sued by a patient that he had operated on and caused terrible harm to. Larry Ross, the attorney that Lindy used to work for, was chasing down the malpractice suit and attaching the hospital’s bond and so their lives became entangled again.

When Lindy is apprehended and brought to trial it looks like a slam dunk for law enforcement in Pima County. The whole circus performance is out to make big waves I the media with the trial and until the elevator in the courthouse gets stuck on the inevitable day the prisoner is being transported to the courtroom it looks like they will finally get all the charges previously dropped re-charged. With so many possible people wanting Lindy out of the way she will have to be on her toes to avoid having final judgment passed this time.

In his third legal thriller featuring attorney Larry Ross, Rockafellow pulls out all the stops to a whirlwind crescendo of a tropical storm blowing in from Mexico making you wonder who will have survived when the waters finally roll back. This one blows it all away.

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