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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blood Stains - a review

After their father’s funeral they buried him near dear Momma’s grave. Maria,Savannah and Holly expected to inherit the ranch in Montana. What they did not expect was the video Andrew Slade left for the three of them. In it, the trio learned that not only were the parents they had known not their actual parents,but they had never officially been adopted and that they were not sisters either!

What they just learned was made clearer by the diary their father kept for each of them detailing the reasons each child had been left with him and who their real parents had been. He had been a travelling preacher in a past life and accumulated the girls from parents who, for some reason or another, had fallen upon such difficult times that is was wiser to separate themselves from their child than to put that child’s life in danger.

Maria’s mother had been a hooker who was murdered when the little girl was only four. The child witnessed the killing, but had been removed from the scene of the crime by do-gooder neighbors  and blocked out all memory of that awful day. Now with her father’s death she took off to find out more about her mother only to discover that the murder had never been solved. After arriving in Tulsa, OK she began ferreting into her mother’s past and that past caught up with her sooner than she expected.

When her life is threatened and she ends up in hospital after a bomb planted under her car by a thug-for-hire explodes, the Tulsa police department takes what appeared to be an unsolved cold-case a little more seriously. What Maria did not count on was falling in love with Bodie Scott, the handsome cowboy homicide detective.

Sala treats us to romantic mystery al a Nora Roberts style as a challenge to be the headliner in her genre. “Blood Stains” evoked the right number of chuckles, tears and edge of your seat thrills to make this a major hit.

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