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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Agent turned Author

When I began the search for the ever elusive (and still to this day nonexistant) literary agent I did as all novice authors do and perused the pages of Hermann's Guide to Publishers and Agents, looking atwho was at which  location and who seemed to be the best fit for my genre and personally. I came across on name, Rose Sefton. Not only did we seem to have a lot of things in common but she also lived in Phoenix AZ. Since I am in Tucson that was great. I could have my own agent and not have to fly to New York or other parts of the country. I immediately sent all the required information and patiently waited. I figured she was a one man shop and probably busy. After three weeks I made a call and found out to my chagrin that not only did Rose no longer reside in Arizona but because of an aciudent was no longer prepared to my a literary agent. She had indeed moved to West Virginia and was writing books herself.

I might have lost a potential agent but I did gain a friend. We spoke several times over the phone, and joined up on Facebook and now I want to help anounce the important news that Rose has published her latest book. As soon as I get an ARC you will see the review but in the meantime check out Rose's website for the latest information, and here is the anouncement her publisher forwarded to me to provide to you.The ConfederettePublishAmerica is proud to announce the recent release of Rose Sefton's new book: The Confederette!

Here's what the author says about the book: The Confederette gets its hands dirty in this Southern novel about Posse Comitatus.Leila Gale MacDonald, an impoverished soap-maker from rural Pottsboro, North Carolina, is raped after the Civil War by a gang of renegade Union soldiers, occupationalists roaming the back-woods, looking for prey. Pregnant and alone on the family farm, she begs for death. But, having a stronger will, she seeks justice where none is to be found. After her horse us killed and her house burned to the ground, she enters the lion's den with a vengeance and files charges against the men who ruined her. Southern justice at its best, one of the rapists is tarred and feathered, but Leila finds herself tried as a murderess and horse thief, trapped in a jail cell with a date with the hangman. Until she creates an army of widows, children and crippled Confederate veterans who take back the town.

We are offering you an opportunity to secure your personal copy of Rose Sefton’s exceptional book today.  Please click here: to secure your copy of the book*, then click Add to Cart. For an introductory discount of 20%, use this coupon code: Discount20.

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