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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Use Portal3W to promote your next project

As a self-published author writing the novel was only half the problem. Once I had figured out it was going to take longer to find an agent than it had taken the write the book – three years carved out of my life – I decided to rush print and go with a Print-On Demand house, InfinityPublishing, and get my first book out to my adoring public. After all I had another book to write and that was more pressing than getting an agent at that precise moment; finish and move on.

As all self-marketers realize, and I now became a salesman more than an author, I had to find a way for the public to discover me and while Facebook and Twitter are wonderful avenues it takes more than that. I had spent a lot of time researching publishing choices and so now my time was used in finding promotional ways to get Blood on His Hands discovered and at the lowest possible cost, I am the proverbial starving artist.

John Kremer has a great book out ‘1001 Ways to Market YourBooks’. Not all of the described ways where appropriate or possible but many were and I religiously went bout following his suggestions.

One of the most important ideas is to build a website. I had the ideas but not the knowhow and so I roped in my good friend James, who put together a spectacular site for me. I had studied other authors professionally done sites and using what I considered the best ingredients and my photography (along with a couple of video’s to enhance the effect) we concocted my site. Now people could get a visual before buying, and something other than just the Amazon page.

You do however need to now promote not just you and you book but your website too. As one of the many choices out there I turned to WORLDINACLICK, specialists in developing website internationally and at recession-pricing, definitely something with in my budget. They have put together a site designed for product marketing at Portal3W. Designed to promote you internationally, to offer exposure in over 20 languages their professionally prepared websites provide unlimited pages using your own specification and design. I urge you to check out their professional website and consider giving your product and website the opportunity to be promoted by these specialists so you can get on with your next project and put the marketing in the hands of the specialists.

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  1. Hey thanks for this love the name of the blog hilarious. worldinaclick. Cool


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