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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shadow of Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman

KCHC, Tinsel town’s own radio station, awash with female broadcasters, made a living out of swapping Hollywood gossip. Not only does cub reporter, Carol Childs, have the ear of a very dishy FBI agent, Eric Landon, her current beau but she also lives next door to Samantha Millhouse, niece of top Hollywood agent, Pepper Millhouse, to whom she owes a lot of her industry leaked stories.
When Sam shows up in tears, announcing that Pepper has been found dead in her bath tub she takes the exclusive story on-air. But when Sam is arrested for the murder of her aunt, and her twin-sister Sarah positions herself to take over the agency and the inheritance, Carol begins to wonder what the real truth is and her investigative search unearths a series of mysterious deaths.
When she is warned by a Hollywood psychic that not only will there be more deaths but that her own life may be in danger, Carol has to find out who was really behind the deaths that are sweeping around the country’s movie making capital.
Silverman does an awesome job of creating multiple red herrings and leaves the reader guessing up to the final page. You’ll think twice before taking that next long soak in a tub after you read this toe-curling thriller.

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