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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Implicated by Peter Michael Rosenberg - a review

“Implicated” is an entertaining police drama with a fresh look at an old storyline and the best novel about crime scene clean up since Charlie Huston’s “The Mystic Arts of Erasing all Signs of Death.” It is also the first book I ever read with a Cypriot as a protagonist.

Erdogan and his partner Emilio stumble into a nightmare, as if cleaning up crime scenes of the human offal wasn’t bad enough, when they unwittingly step into a conspiracy involving cops-for-hire as assassins.

Southern California suddenly is not so warm after all, and when Emilio is shot by these rogue cops right in front of him, Erdogan has to go into hiding—not so easy for a man running from his past anyway. Not even the peaceful Ojai in Ventura County can shelter him as Azerbaijani mobsters and cops battle it out.

In a gritty drama with forensic details galore, Erdogan turns for help to the widow of a slain reporter, another victim of the bad-cop hit squad. They make an unlikely pair of detectives, but fueled with righteous indignation and a little luck, they begin to put the pieces together.

Rosenberg, a film writer as well as novelist tends to insert his own heavy-handed view-points on Erdogan’s character, but if you can shake them off and ignore them, then the body of the novel stands on its own as a well-written suspenseful mystery with plenty of twists and turns, leaving you second-guessing yourself until the final pages.

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