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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shadow Walker by J E Gurley - a review

When Lucifer and the fallen angels warred, creating chaos on the face of the earth, the world’s surface changed beyond recognition. Deep within the earth’s core, hidden in the shadows, what God had created as the perfect transition from death to a spiritual life, what we humans refer to as Purgatory, became filled with demons and their followers, unfortunate souls who became Minions to the Overseers and the road to forever life became a path toward Hell. Hidden deep in the tunnels that traversed the Shadow Realm, the arch-angel Gabriel lay trapped, a tortured soul prisoner until humans would rescue him to let Christ’s second-coming commence.

The Catholic church hired Shadow Walkers, a handful of the chosen, men who found not just the calling in the church but exhibited one other trait that the rest of us mere humans would never know. They had the ability to walk in thebshadows, through the doors into the darkness on the other side to converse with those souls waiting to transition to a better life, to take and bring messages and hope to those back home, and to find a way to take advantage of and discover the secrets to releasing Gabriel.

And then there was Tanner… A whiskey guzzling smuggler of whatever needed to be taken or bought from the Purgs, a whoring despot of a man who could be counted on to turn a blind-eye. He was also well armed and loved to hunt down the minions and blow them away. He had no faith in anything but his own ability to save himself, and yes he’d take money from the Church occasionally. He wasn’t picky as long as it was green and spent well. When he is sent on a mission to rescue the brother of a young Oriental woman, his whole perspective on life, death, Hell, and faith are tested over and over again. When the minions cross over into his earthly life and attack his loved ones, he hits them where it hurts. He follows the dreams he has been having to a new higher calling. Can he get to the world beyond Shadow Realm and bring down Satan and his demons? In a well written, street-tough guide to the netherworld, Gurley holds your attention from page one, as you too will convert in this religiously glorified tale of horror.

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