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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Suicide Index by Joan Wickersham - a review

A compelling look at suicide from the point of view of the grieving daughter as she shares the families thoughts and questions and blames. Her father shot himself and left no note. They troll through his recent past history, from his depression, his failed business, loans that had come due and family failings, each family member attempting to reconstruct the why's and wherefores and providing a look at the family dynamic years hence and how totally decimated a family can be when faced with such a tragedy.

Immobility by Brian Evanson - a review

In a climactic, post-apocalyptic tale the man finds himself awoken, from what he is told is thirty years on ice. Two main factions have developed in the new world and one has stolen valuable seeds from the other. He has been pulled back from his forever sleep as only he possesses the skill set to bring back the stolen product. He is told he was a fixer of sorts, a detective, in his prior life, one that he has almost total amnesia from, and that he would be unrecognizable to the other tribe and so perfect to get in and out without suspicion. That he is a paraplegic does pose somewhat of a insurmountable problem until two mules are provided, strapping young humanoids bred for this purpose, to get him there and back.
The odds of survival in the harsh region is impossible, except for the fact that he appears immune. His mules die off, he makes it back but comes to the realization that the seed he recovered was probably being stolen for the first time. His mission is compromised in his mind. Ass his body heals and he is able to walk once again he surmises  the leaders were lying to him, but why? Will he deliver the package and survive? Evenson is a fresh voice in the end-of-the-world sortee on science fiction and a voice to be followed.

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