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Saturday, January 16, 2016

News from Moore, Oklahoma!

My nine-year old granddaughter, Chebri Sadler began her illustrious quest to be poet laureate of Oklahoma with the grand prize in Poetry!

Autumn Is Here

by Chebri Sadler

As the wind blows
The leaves shake
I love the pie my Mom loves to bake

As the wind makes it cool ever day
Here comes Spring
In the middle of May

I always lift my head to say
"Wow! What a wonderful time it was today!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Journey Through War and Peace by Melissa Burch - a review

Journaling as a way of writing memoir has proven very successful for Burch in this debut offering. All but the last few pages, the recapping of what you read, are written during her early twenties, at a time when she struggled with home life. A difficult relationship with her father and her mother's plunge into alcoholism led Burch to strike out on her own, running from her struggles and desperately searching for meaning in her life.
Her journey as a war photographer in the battle fields of Afghanistan during the Russian invasion may have been more of an outreach than the average twenty-two year old, let alone a young lady, would tackle but she does and with success, in fact going back in a return tour of duty. In that segment of her life she endures and enjoys a eye-opening endeavor and takes on a strength unlike most of her age. No wall-flower status at all.
Her continued forays in the world of film and personal relationships, her grasping for a spiritual life she her take on physical relationships and additional hardships while filming in Soviet Russia all while looking for an independence and a reliance on a spiritualism that is always almost in her grasp.
By sharing space in her younger years, and hinting at a future as yet undocumented, Burch takes us along on some of the formative times of her life and leaves us asking for the next chapter.

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