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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fool Star

Fool Star personifies the age old adage that sex, drugs and rock and roll forms the back-beat from what the audience sees on stage and suspects is happening behind. Tony, the drummer and heartbeat of Fool Star, a likable Yankee, joins up with a group of guys from Florida and together, along with their on again off again girlfriends, groupies and minions tour the Southern states spreading their infectious style of Southern rock.

Author J.A. Landry takes us behind the scenes as Tony struggles with his advancing schizophrenia that seems to be kept in check only as the bands success is reached. As the band unravels so does Tony, and when alcohol, guns are thrown into the mix the desperate end is in sight. As the band struggles we hang in there with them wondering how long before it all blows up. When Tony falls apart so does the band and suddenly nothing is safe including the relationship with girlfriend Pression.

As the stucco of the band peels back to reveal the veneer behind, Tony shows us that the band is like his woman, “she wore a little history in the lines of her face, the scars of her body, but hers you had to look real hard to find, and once noticed, add to her being” or in this case revealing too much causing the demise of everything he holds dear.

It’s a rough ride but worth hanging on for as Landry twirls his readers through the psychotic tour of a bohemian rock and roll star.

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