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Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Dreams Bleed

Robin Cain successfully weaves a path through the the high-profile buzz of Hollywood and the technology business world of California dot-coms to give us an in depth,behind the scenes view of high-profile business that we mere mortals normally only catch a glimpse at in the pages of People or US Weekly.

Frank Campelletti certainly has found the fame and fortune that eludes most of us as he heads up a successful software company, MineWare, in California's silicone valley. In this tale of obsession we are introduced to the women in his life, Sadie and Citra. Both are powerful women in their own right and it is not long before they both stamp a presence on Frank, both in business and in bed.

The too-perfect world crumbles in delusion and as the affairs and the bodies stack up. Cain leads us through the mystery challenging our ability to hang in there and second guess her as her characters have their way with us and each other.

Cain's debut novel is a well told tale, leaving us with an understanding of her writing influences. We do get a little distracted by characters that she builds up only to not use again, Jean the waitress or Hank the security guard, but perhaps that is meant as somewhat of the red-herring or just her enthusiasm for building the complete picture. In any case it is not enough of a distraction to pull us from this tale of reaching for fame and fortune.

When Dreams Bleed will leave you gasping as the mystery deepens with every turn of the page, and give you enough of a twist in the end to make you look back through it a second time trying to find clues you missed the first time.

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