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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“The Silent Places” - A review

John Reese has a personal vendetta against presidential candidate Senator Alan Preston, and why not, Preston had him thrown in jail on trumped-up charges.

Reese—a former CIA agent—was in jail for life on charges of treason when he was released into the custody of Federal agents. Not taking his moment of freedom lightly, Reese evades his captors to make his way to Missouri at the time Senator Preston is due to give a national speech.

St. Louis police detective George Hastings takes it personally when you commit a crime in his jurisdiction and he is on the security detail guarding the senator. As he digs into the background of both the hunter and the hunted he begins to realize that perhaps things are not quite what they seem. Who is the criminal?

With an ending that turns your understanding of everything you just read upside down, Hunt keeps readers enthralled until the last bullet.

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