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Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 In The Hat

“2 in the Hat” By: Raffi Yessayan

Yessayan introduces a complicated police procedural divided into three parts. He pulls on experience in the district attorney’s office in Boston to guide us through the various districts that make up the Emerald District. His characters and story are utterly believable as the passionate dark side of the serial killer is unleashed on the police and the reader.

The story follows the outline of a Pattersonesque thriller; short chapters with occasional inserts to provide clues to the anonymous Prom Night Killer. A very effective method, however the lack of a central protagonist to the story left me a little confused until the third section. The mix of point of views makes it so complex that I had to spend time flipping back to try to recall where the pieces fit to keep the many characters straight.

Just when you think you know who did it I guaranty a new clue will leave your head spinning. Once the story takes off in part three it really finds its pulse and surges ahead to bring a climactic ending that will leave you scrambling to keep up.

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