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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jamaica Moon - Robert J. Sadler

Step aside 007; a new “international man of mystery” just rode into town. Michael Grant -  “ex- Dallas police homicide lieutenant, sometime-government spook and private investigator - steam-rolls through Dallas causing mayhem to all the crooks he encounters.

Handsome, debonair the recently widowed, Grant fights off the attention of the ladies as he uses his newly found wealth to bankroll a successful investigative company. As a former cop he has all the right connections and let’s not forget his past with ‘the agency’ and the wealth of knowledge that position has endowed him with. The bad guys don’t stand a chance.

In Jamaica Moon, we find Grant working a couple of missing-person cases. One is the daughter of a mayoral candidate, the other an amnesiac girlfriend of a dying man. On a thrill-a-minute, all action story we find Grant and his companions involved in high-speed chases, good old Texas shoot-‘em-ups and highly-charged sexual situations - and the bad guys are just as bad. There’s never a dull moment in Dallas, or Jamaica, where Grant attends a writer’s conference as the featured speaker. Not satisfied being good-looking and suave, but a poet too. No wonder the women flock to hear his readings.

If you enjoy your thrillers shaken, not stirred then don’t miss out on Jamaica Moon.

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