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Saturday, September 25, 2010

“No Place to Die” by James L. Thane:

Art mimics life in this police thriller from James L Thane. He leads us through a series of home invasions in Phoenix, which actually is the city with the most registered home invasions in 2009.

Written from the point of view of Detective Sean Richardson of Phoenix’s homicide division, this police procedural is no murder mystery. We are there at the setting of each crime waiting for the detectives to pick up on the same clues that we have been given. To those of you who read this genre regularly you will be a little disappointed that the detectives don’t follow up on an early clue that could have saved many lives, but Richardson perhaps can be excused for being slow on the uptake; he is, after all, dealing with his wife’s hospice situation every night.

This fast action thriller places you right in the squad car racing to the crime scene as the serial killer strikes again and again. Hoping against hope to not only catch him before his diabolical list of potential victims is finished with, but to rescue attorney Beverly Thompson who the police suspect is imprisoned against her will, if they can just find her in time.

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