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Saturday, September 25, 2010

On The Line by S.J Rozan NEW RELEASE

Bill Smith’s longtime partner. Lydia Chan, has been kidnapped.

The kidnapper, a man Smith sent to jail a decade ago, is hell-bent on revenge. From the opening chapter Rozan has created a thriller at a frantic pace that builds to a crescendo that we ride on like a rollercoaster.

We are led on a whiplash tour of New York at the whim of a crazy man. Along the way we pick up a cast of nefarious characters, Asian pimps and their Chinese call-girls, Lydia’s kid cousin and his Italian girlfriend, ex-wives, dogs and time-worn drunken former cops.

By following the clues left in orange-colored plastic bags all over New York’s boroughs, and closely-timed secrets, provided by last-minute phone calls from the kidnapper we ride along like a passenger in the back seat, pouring over the bags contents, bent on solving the puzzle and playing the game.

An engrossing story that you won’t stop until you reach the electrifying finale.

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