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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Geneva Deception - a review

James Twining’s intricate plot sends Tom Kirk, on his fourth assignment since reforming from being an art thief. From the casinos of Las Vegas to those in Monte Carlo where along the way he crosses paths with his former partner in skullduggery Archie Connolly they team up with Italian detective Allegra Damico. The chase is a hunt to find the missing Caravaggio masterpiece with attempts to solve several murders along the way.

Each murder has been staged to represent a Caravaggio scene and the implications of these deaths tie in not just two, warring Mafia families of Rome, but reaches to the very heart of the Catholic Church—through the Vatican bank.
Politics, religion and mobsters all jockey for that place of power and wealth, through police corruption, deceit, lies and betrayals. Kirk is driven on by the death of his lover—an FBI agent—and is intent on seeing justice done for her sake. While death waits at the end of the journey, will it be his or will he and his assembled team of experts bring an end to the tyranny the Delian League has perpetrated on the art world in Italy for generations.
This story, loosely based on facts garnered from the tales of the tomb raiders of Europe, will leave you gasping and struggling to reach your own conclusion, as the pieces dramatically fall into place one-by-one. I promise you the surprise is well worth the wait.

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