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Friday, November 26, 2010

Move Over Jack Reacher

Absolutely brilliant. Move over Jack Reacher, Steve Vail is now “The Man”.

When FBI, Deputy Assistant Director Kate Bannon reveals that she recognizes the behavioral traits of a missing hero, while watching the video of a botched bank robbery—botched, thanks to the intervention of one of the hostages—she is tasked with bringing the former renegade agent Steve Vail one last time.

The Bureau is being targeted, perhaps from within, by a domestic terrorist group who call themselves the Rubico Pentad and who have already targeted, kidnapped or killed several upstanding members of society and the FBI has been unable to put a stop to them. They are ready to do whatever it takes, even if it means bringing back Vail for a limited performance.

Heading out as a one-man destruction squad, Vail soon uncovers who is behind the destruction and innuendo that has handicapped the FBI. That it makes his former employers look bad is just a feather in his cap. Working on his own agenda, even after being dismissed by the officialdom whose judgment he made look inferior, he gets the job done right down to the bitter end.

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