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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Border Lords - A Review

Eighteen months is much longer than the average law enforcement officer stays undercover, but Sean Gravas
was so close that to pull him now would see months of operational expenses go down the drain. Hood made
the decision to leave him in. He was working with gang members, the North Baja Cartel, across the Mexican border to break a gunrunners ring suspected of smuggling in a thousand machine pistols.

When all the gang members in the home are brutally slain, Gravas appears to be implicated, so Hood solicits the help of Gravas’ wife Seliah to bring him out of his undercover role as Ozburn even if it means he has to face charges. Seliah notices changes in her husband’s behavior, which the Blowdown team put down to the stress of being undercover for so long, until she is threatened by the same viral disease that is rampaging through both their bodies and is diagnosed with rabies. Weeks from death, Seliah is placed in a coma while she heals. LASD tries to convince Gravas that he too is ill.

However, this is more than just a story about undercover agents the Mexican border, drugs, guns and murder. Just who is the mysterious priest, Father Joe Left wich? Recognized as a local drugdealer and snitch, a.k.a. Mike Finnegan, who claims to have ridden with Murietta over one hundred and eighty years ago and the truth of the blood-transmitted disease becomes clearer.

In this fast-paced, action thriller Parker has once again demonstrated the ability to keep his audience turning pages until the last drop of blood is accounted for, and provides just the right twist in the end. 

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