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Monday, December 27, 2010

Murder in the Mangroves - A Review

The perfect little chic-lit for the beach and an easy quick read.

Mallie Monroe’s editor is on vacation and her replacement, the boss’ taskmaster of a twin sister, is pushing hard for a sensational story for the newspaper to boost sales. When the local mango queen is found dead, by none other than Mallie, she is assigned the story.
In the third tale of Coral Island Mysteries, we discover that Mallie is a bit of a body magnet. Th is is the third murder she has attempted to help solve. The Chief of Police, Nick Billie would have been fed up with her interference by now, except that he has cast an eye Mallie’s way romantically.

Now that a former boyfriend, surfer-boy Cole has shown up, a little island love-triangle is in the making.

As Mallie investigates the story for the island newspaper, will she help solve the crime or become the next body to be discovered?

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