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Monday, December 27, 2010

“Wicked Plants : A Review

This is the one book that should be on the reference shelf of every suspense, thriller or horror  novelist.

In an A to Z such as you have never read before, Stewart lays out the chemical nature of over two hundred plants that can be used to kill, blind, paralyze or at the very least, leave your victim curled up in bed very ill.

From deadly nightshade to killer algae, ratbane to hemlock, Stewart lays it all out on the line. If you want to kill off your victim in some mysterious, painful and particularly nasty way, she has a toxin to get the job done. White Snake root is what does in Mrs. Lincoln (Abe's mother). Known as milk sickness, the plant contaminated folks in the early-farm life of America, often wiping out entire families.

Written in entertaining jargon, hitting on the scientific, the historical and the medicinal, Stewart enlightens us to the use of weeds, plants and seeds and advises to “consider yourself warned”.

1 comment:

  1. An interesting reference for other genre writers, including fantasy and science fiction too, I would think. Thank you for the reference!

    Good luck on the A-Z blog challenge, I look forward to seeing what you might come up with.


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