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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Double Play - a review

Although many books and movies have been made covering the sad events that happened on that day I have not seen one, until now, that was written covering an in-depth look at the life of Dan White. Most points of view are portrayed from the story of Harvey Milk and his rise to fame as the first nationally-elected homosexual. “Double Play” not only provides an historical expose at how Moscone, San Francisco’s mayor, and Milk, a city supervisor, fit into the political stage of San Francisco thirty years ago, but gives us insight into the up-and-coming newcomer on the political arena, Dan White.

White, a hard-working, God-fearing young man of Irish descent had grown up in the Bay area and worked in both San Francisco’s police department and fire department. He was well-liked and used these relationships as a spring-board to get elected as a city supervisor. He arrived on the scene ready to take on the world, knowing he could make changes but ran head-long into the political machine that was City Hall and quickly became disenfranchised.

Weiss, a former journalist who covered the killing and trial, then leads us on a trip through White’s life and allows the reader to examine the trials and tribulations of home life, the depression that wracked Dan White that very few folks, other than close friends and family, where privy too. Weiss follows up his storyline with an unforgettable ending. As conversant as I was with the circumstances that happened that day, I was completely caught unaware with this dramatic ending as my interest in the affair waned after the trial occurred. You will want to read this highly entertaining version of the drama that is “Double Play”.

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