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Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Rough Man - A review

Taylor has developed a character in Pike Logan that is ready ready to stand up and fight alongside the likes of Higgin’s Sean Dillon or Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, who definitely are rough men.

The Taskforce is made up of a group of hardened paramilitary men culled from the ranks of the SEALS and Delta-Force and used in two teams, at the discretion of the US President, to take on and take out bad guys wherever it is deemed necessary to protect the welfare of the United States.

Logan suffers undue hardship on a fire-fight gone wrong and drops out of the unit, disappearing into an alcoholic haze into never-land. Rescuing a damsel-in-distress, Jennifer, in a local college bar he finds himself pulled back into the game when two hired-hands show up to rough-up the girl and he uses his defensive prowess to dispatch of them with extreme prejudice. The two of them find themselves chasing an Arabic hit-man with a purported WMD, an ancient curse that if placed in the wind could cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. The plot is to use the weapon on Israel, blame Iran and start a full- fledged aggression with America leading the charge.

Pinned down in a battle that is too much for the two of them to handle, and a mercenary hot on their tail with a bounty on both their heads, Taylor finally calls on the one man that can save him and Jennifer so a team from the Taskforce is sent to the rescue. The hunter and hunted roles change so often and so rapidly as we are jolted across the world in the chase of a lifetime, that the book leaves you physically exhausted. You better be a rough man (or woman) to hang in to the last page.

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