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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me: A Memoir... of Sorts - A Review

Growing up in the Golden Age with a father that moved the family from Hollywood to England, who hung out with movie stars and the nations star politicians made young Ian, a thoughtful young boy, very curious. The family had good times and lean times, times when father was gone from the home. As he got older he realized his father was working for some clandestine branch of the government, a spy know less.
Unfortunately it was his father’s drinking that caused the family hard times, times when he was unemployable and young Ian often felt the wrath of his control-freak of a dad. It is the same for all boys that love yet abhor their father’s ways, they become shaped for better or worse by the experience and how they conduct their life from thereon is the same as or as diametrically opposite as they can from the example they had to live with, but no matter what no matter how hard you try a little always rubs off and scars you forever.
In Ian’s case it was the call to the ministry that saved him. God can be a harsh task master himself. Did he switch out one controlling father for another? Either way it is an interesting read, one of hope and inspiration a fractured memory and finally a mother’s love.

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