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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hard Target - a review

When a meth-mouthed white-supremacist passes on information to US Diplomat, Gideon Davis that he has insider knowledge on a homegrown terrorist plot to take place against a ‘high-value target’, the information is passed on by the FBI as just another nut-job threat. That is, until the informant disappears within twenty-four hours of failing to give additional details to Davis’ inside-FBI contact.

Using his brother Tillman—a former CIA-operative—Davis uses the little information he gained to help infiltrate the organization to see if there was any truth to the situation since the FBI bosses have now ignored, and put on suspension, his FBI source. Now they cannot officially monitor the alleged threat.
The Idaho-trained supremacists and their meth-making boss are soon hunted to their base, and the threat is over with until the real head of the organization—a former military commander with a chip on his shoulder because of his amputee son’s treatment by the government—and his right-hand man are discovered going ahead with the final plan, using poison gas to take out all the attendees of the State of the Union address.
The Davis brothers lead the chase to get to the president before disaster can happen as Gordon, in this sequel to “Gideon’s War,” let’s them go rogue to stop the government from annihilation. A literal ticking time bomb of a thriller that keeps you guessing until the final second. Gordon uses his skills as executive producer and writer of the smash TV hits 24 and The X-Files to keep you turning the pages of this thriller for the ages.

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