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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Conviction, by Robert Dugoni - a review

Troubled teen Jake has had a couple of brushes with the law since witnessing his mother’s brutal murder and ends up living with his step-father, attorney David Sloane, who is a high-profile lawyer branded as ‘the one who never loses.’ In an attempt to help the boy stay out of trouble they go camping, and are joined at the last moment by an old friend, detective Tom Molia, and his younger teen son TJ.

The boys bunk together the first night in a motel in the little town that will act as the spring-board for their wilderness adventure. Jake robs a local convenience store after-hours and unwittingly drags young TJ into his misadventure. By the time the two fathers awaken the next morning their boys have been arrested, arraigned and sentenced by a backwoods judge with a quick sense for judgment. Think Dan Ackroyd in the ’91 flick Nothing But Trouble but remove any sense of humor. Both teens are sentenced to a locally run boot-camp style detention center, Fresh Start.

When Sloane is unable to get an appeal or a new trial the two fathers make plans to find a way to get their boys released, no matter what it takes. When they start investigating the judge, Earl Boykin, and his ties to the community a path of deceit and greed opens to them unexpectedly. The boys meantime find themselves being used as forced slave-labor for the warden and being abused by a couple of long-term psycho inmates that the guards let handle their dirty work. It becomes clear that there is a force working with them, behind the scenes, and so the plan to rescue the boys is hatched, however neither tandem is fully prepared for the scenarios they find themselves in as the book rushes to a close.

Dugoni will have you on the edge of your seat in an unstoppable force of energy that makes sure you can’t put the book down once you start.

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