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Thursday, September 6, 2012

GOTU by Mike McNeff - a review

Guardians of the Universe (GOTU) makes this book sound like some graphic novel starring Captain America and his ilk when it is nothing more than a superb smash-and-grab police procedural starring protagonist Robin Marlette, a true blood and guts super hero.

McNeff, a forty-year veteran of law enforcement draws upon his intimate knowledge of how to combat drug smuggling on the Arizona/Mexico border. He introduces us to a squad of DPS officers that is reminiscent of The Dirty Dozen, the washed up, down-and-out degenerates that are about to be frog-marched out of law enforcement only to be salvaged by a great leader and turned into an elite unit.

When Marlette and his men roust a smuggling ring, seizing millions of dollars and killing the drug cartel boss’ little brother, the retaliation is fast and furious. The cartel strikes at Marlette personally; not only by sending soldiers to shoot up his house and family but to kidnap his eldest daughter too.

With his daughter in the hands of the bad guys south of the border, Marlette does what any father would, he violates every known international law to rescue his child. With all his men recklessly following his lead, he charges into danger, guns blazing, consequences be damned.

Full of hard-hitting details and realistic action scenes, McNeff leads us into the middle of a no-rules fight where the hard-charging victors wear a white hat and experience wins out every time.

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