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Thursday, January 17, 2013

AZ: Anno Zombie by Peter Mark May - a review

On the day that signifies the dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, Tucson folks could be considered some of the luckier ones. At least their city still exists. Phoenix, Los Angeles, and other major cities around the world have disappeared into a gaping fiery hole, and all their denizens disappear forever. Armageddon has arrived.

As fire rains down on Tucson, Tom Hollinger and his new main squeeze, Casey, raceacross town to rescue his ex-wife and son from an army of zombies. By the time they get toTommy Jr.’s house, there is barely enough time to rescue his son—who witnessed his nowzombie mother eat her baby daughter—and escape with their lives. Heading for a pub run by his bestfriend and former British paratrooper Alan Hopkins, they hole up and decide how to get out of town.

Together with a mixed bag of survivors, they take off, loaded down with all the weapons they canfind. They’re in a school bus heading north on Interstate 10 in an effort to leave the city limits, hoping to discover what life is left in Phoenix. Along the way they encounter armies of rotting zombie corpses, pick up the occasional straggler and lose a few of their own, as well as encountering packs of rabid humans out to protect themselves or provoke others. Night finds them in relative safety atop a mountain where they can watch the approaching zombie army. If they can get out of this one, what can they expect with the dawning of a new day?

Not for the faint of heart, this bloody thriller has all you could ask for and is a great horror story. An average Joe rises to the occasion to help lead his fellow humans, a splendidly written narrative, and ast-pace gore galore. In this good vs. evil thrill-a-minute story, May has found a way to capture a piece of humanity and give us hope that good will prevail in the end.

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