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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busom Bodies by Maria Grazia Swan

Mina Calvi inherited a software company after her mother’s death, but with no head for business, attempts to off-load the company with the help of her attorney Adams. While waiting for the deal to go though, Mina helps out a friend, Ginger, by agreeing to take her place at a local nightclub, Bosom Bodies.

All dressed up with a wig and padded bra, Mina pulls off the transformation, as Ginger had yet to start the job, running off to Vegas to get married at the last moment. Only Barbara the manager was in on the trick. Mina had time on her hands as her boyfriend was traveling in Europe with his mother, so the distraction was timely and she welcomed the chance to help a friend.

When Barbara suddenly dies, and Mina’s Volkswagen is apparently involved in the hit-and-run, the joke she was helping perpetrate suddenly gets out of hand and Mina finds herself in the middle of a mob battle with crooked cops, diamond smuggling, and murder. Add to that a mysterious new neighbor who is a detective with one of the Federal agencies and Mina finds herself in over her head and overwhelmed with seduction. Clueless as ever, Mina stumbles and bumbles through this second-in-a-series chic-lit mystery, witlessly providing proof for the police to follow at every turn.
If you like a lighthearted fun frolic set through a fresh voice, then this new series by Swan will fulfill your needs and garner the author a new following

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