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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Insider's Guide to Book Publishing Success - a review

At 155 pages, 27 of which are dedicated to someone else's success stories on making it in the big time, this guide on publishing can hardly be called expansive however it does cover the basics and brings someone considering writing a book some food for thought.
As a recently self-published author myself it does help by giving the writer an idea of what type of questions to go over with their publisher, and publisher's marketing staff and gives food to the thought of what is ahead in getting the book to sell at a top performance level.
I would have liked to read more about the one question soon to be first-time authors ask of me, and I asked of others, how do I find an agent, because lets face it, without them most writers just can't even get to the publisher. The book did address, quite well, how the indie publisher is surging ahead in today's market and they seem to put more focus on that chapter in the publishing world than that of agent searching, perhaps rightly so.
I enjoyed reading this and reminding myself of what lays ahead with my next novel looming; it can be a little over-whelming and the guide sure does help refocus on what to remember to do next

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