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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Jefferson Allegiance by Bob Mayer - a review

On July 4, 1826, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died, unaware of each other’s fate. Both men were part of an ongoing conspiracy, and entrusted a cipher and corresponding wooden discs, inset with a secret code, to trusted informants to hide them from the Society of the Cincinnatians, an organization they both feared would overthrow and bring the U.S. government to its knees.

The Allegiance, secretly written into the U.S. constitution, was to be used to ensure our current form of government was enacted, no matter which political party was in power, and to control the presidency so they upheld the constitution as Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Nixon all discovered. The current guardians of this precious document, The Philosophers, protected the codes and cipher, and had them passed down as their predecessors died. Until now. They found themselves under full frontal attack by an assassin, code named The Surgeon, as the Cincinnatians became determined to capture the codes.

Mayer introduces us to Colonel Paul DuCharme, recently recalled from Afghanistan and Evie Tolliver—next in line to chair The Philosophers—a former member of the CIA, as they are forced to team up to ensure the Allegiance is kept out of the wrong hands.

Wave Old Glory and join in the ensuing game of cat and mouse as the forces of evil in the form of home-based terrorists stalk those that control the codes and cipher and attempt to determine the overthrow of all we hold dear. This is a great drama, steeped in history, which will keep you turning the pages late into the night. Mayer strikes one for freedom.


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