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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Brood by Chase Novak - a review

A generation ago many families used an untested, unapproved fertility serum from Europe that promised success for those that had been trying to have children. Unfortunately the side effects turned the parents into some-type of fully-body haired, hideous monsters that ate the family pets, and the odd human or two, usually in front of their growing children.
This group of kids, now known as the brood, do everything possible to stave off puberty thinking that they too will end up running down Main Street, naked, hairy and on all-fours. Novak brings us a book that could be described as Midwich Cuckoos meets Peter Pan, except all the Lost Boys are off fornicating and giving birth to children with wings, and nowhere near as cute as Tinkerbell.
Some of the children’s blood has found to have powers that rejuvenate older people’s love lives and so the group, most who live together in packs, find a way to syphon off and sell their precious commodity. A Big Brother operation is also in operation, kidnapping the kids off the street to gauge their blood and make a killing in the pharmaceutical market.  
We follow the path of creepy twins, Adam & Alice, who at thirteen are on the brink of puberty. Their parents are dead and they are being watched over by a spinster aunt who finds out she has more than normal troubles to deal with looking out for these unruly teenagers. As she tries to confine them to her loving embrace they hanker to be in the park with Rodolfo the leader of the pack. Is there a way to stop the teenagers’ hormones from kicking into over-gear? Aunt Cynthia sure seems to think she has the answers, and leads you alternatively gasping and gagging on this riot through Central Park.
This was one of the most distasteful books I ever read - from the descriptions of geriatric sex, with men whose breath smelled like old scabs, to a scene where children tear a police officer into pieces and eviscerate him to eat him, however I can’t stop talking about how disgusting it was. Read it, having been warned.

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