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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Seeds of a Daisy, by Alison Caiola - a review

Initially this seems to be a story ripped from the headlines of Hollywood glitzy magazines. Emmy nominated actress Lily Lockwood, daughter of famed novelist Daisy Lockwood, has her love life splattered across the front covers of every glad-mag published. Her life-style on display for all  and sundry, the envy of all. Her hospital-themed drama, St Joe's,  has taken the TV watching nation by storm and she is riding the crest of the wave until a single car accident brings her life tumbling to the ground.
As Lily is preparing for  the biggest day of her life yet, she gets the news that her mother, who she owes all her success as an actress to, has been involved in an automobile accident and is in a coma. Dropping everything she flies across country to be at her mother's side. What she discovers is the worst possible scenario. Initially the shock is too much for her to understand the severity in the situation and she finds herself  watching the hospital scenario sensing she can use the information to better her acting chops, but after the initial consultation with the surgeon, and his team, she realizes that Daisy may never recover from her coma and reality sets in.
As friends gather to offer support, Lily finds herself in a stage of discovery, family she never knew, the real story behind her actor boyfriend's apparent infidelity and the possibility of new romance, all playing out around her as her mother's life is slowly ebbing away. Caiola entertains us with a story pulled from life experiences she recently went through and uses them to project upon us a story of a life well-lived, redemption and she uses these seeds to project upon her audience the idea of a series of upcoming novels as Lily Lockwood. Hollywood actress, prepares to burst on to the American scene in book form too.
A fine, well-worked debut novel from a new, talented author that I heartily recommend.

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