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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Silver Cord by Alison Caiola - a review

In the second of her Lily Lockwood series, Caiola has presented us with enough back-story from the initial offering, The Seeds of a Daisy, to make the follow up novel very much a standalone. We catch up with actress Lily as she is being presented with her first Tony Award. Her fame brings her back in to the arms of her former actor flame, Jamie Fleming, with whom she has parented her toddler daughter, Daisy Rose.
Her soulmate, and past lover, physician Robbie Rosen has been off in Africa on a medical mission and not been in close contact for a while, and while Lily knows Jaime is really nothing more than a flame she has gotten lonely. Reality is brought back to her with a jolt when Robbie’s family received a ransom note when it is discovered that he and two other physicians had been kidnapped by Al-Shabaab, a faction of Al Qaeda. The bodies of the others have been located. Lily agrees to fund a mission to rescue him at all costs, including putting her own life on the line by flying to Somalia, while the former CIA agent running the show plans the operation
Caiola takes us into the view point of Robbie and how he is being beaten by his captors and forced to harvest AIDS infested organs to donate to American donors in an act of terrorism. Not knowing help is on the way Robbie is planning his suicide rather than help the terrorists. When two CIA wanted terrorists are seen on drone at the site of the rescue the government steps in, deploys the SEALS, but will the cavalry arrive in time to rescue Robbie and reunite Daisy with her true love?

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