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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

“A Killer Harvest” by Paul Cleave

Taking the age-old rumor of transference and cellular memory, Cleave leads us through a bizarre story of organ transplant for profit. Police officers on the street are supplying a top eye-surgeon with eyes from criminals. Dr. Toni Coleman is adept at carving out a name for herself in the medical community as the go-to doctor for eye transplants, climbing over the bodies of her victims to get there.
Joshua, a blind teenager, is granted a rare opportunity. His father, a Christchurch cop, is killed in the line of duty and donates his eyes to his son. Through some inept handling by medical technicians, Joshua ends up with one of his father’s eyes and the eye of the criminal that killed his father.
As if dealing with the ability to see for the first time—the wonderful and horrendous sights he can now view—isn’t enough, Joshua is dealing with bullying at his new high school and his first girlfriend. Joshua also must put up with the terror of his dreams and his ability to see visions through the memory transference from both donors.
With a bad guy closing in, Jason must concoct a way to avoid being found while deciphering the secrets to his father’s past life—a path that is dark and full of danger. One police officer is convinced that Jason really is telling the truth but when she’s captured, the question is whether Jason will be able to find a way to rescue them all before it’s too late.
Cleave gives us an exhilarating chase ending in a breathtaking climax. I’m left wondering about all those other patients who were gifted organs from the same evil criminal…

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