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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review: Immaculate Deception

When the Navajo half-caste, Blue Sky, high on his last hit of heroin, stumbled into the Flannery household murder was the last thing on his mind. His unanticipated actions began the lengthy trail that Tucson attorney, Bill Wilson, ends up taking to the Arizona Supreme Court in order to prevail in a history making case against the Sheriff of Pima County.

Simultaneously his partner, Larry Ross, is engrossed in his latest claim against a national automobile manufacturer in order to provide three orphaned children several million dollars in sustainable income.

In his second novel, Rockafellow, a practicing personal injury lawyer, is at his best spinning this courtroom melodrama. By the time he has cast his jury we are fully immersed in the trials (sic) and tribulations if these two hard working attorneys. The descriptions of the local Tucson scene are accurate and interesting, especially to those of us that live in the Old Pueblo.

Without giving it away the book turns on one major twist that will keep you enthralled in this legal thriller and make you wonder is everyone who they appear to be. Rockafellow does a great job of throwing us enough red-herrings, intrigue, mystery, conflict and courtroom drama to make this a page turner to the last.

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