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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review: Sins of the Border

Entertaining chic-lit whodunit. The Catholic Girls club members defend a member of their intimate friends group who is suspected in the murder of a local artist with ties to La Causa por Immigrates.

Four middle-aged Scottsdale princesses with a need to add something more substantial to their lives that spending their socialite husband’s money fall back upon their past careers in journalism to investigate and track the real murderer. Kohler's debut effort produces a story line that weaves through the dark side of life in Arizona, even if the closest we ever get to the real border that separates America and Mexico is Tucson. I had hoped we might find ourselves trailing through Nogales but one of the girls would probably have broken a manicured fingernail if they had ever gotten that close to the real thing. Instead they admire the border efforts from afar and throw money toward the cause.

This improbable gaggle of misfits housewives manage to find away to confuse the local police, go under cover with the local vigilante group, solve the murder and still pull of a weekend at the spa to relax. Incredible, and enjoyable down to the last sip of their flavored martinis.

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