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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Midnight on the Line

Tim Gaynor is a British journalist for Reuters, based in Phoenix. His beat is immigration issues on the US-Mexican border.

His book Midnight on the Line is an in-depth look at the border issues as they came to a boil before the current (July 2010) Arizona enforced laws that have half the country up in arms.

From the beginning chapter, where Gaynor pulls a George Plimptonesque move by personally started in the Mexican border town of Altar, and together with his photographer Tomas Bravo, walked across the border and into America to personally experience the hardships that the illegals and smugglers suffer as they start for the `promised land' to the issues at the Tijuana border with California and how the cartels are influencing and bribing border guards Gaynor caste his journalistic vision on how and why the border is an insurmountable problem.

Without offering solutions or alternatives Gaynor's approach is that of the eagle-eyed journalist giving us the straight skinny on a variety of issues from discussion on the men and women whose jobs keep them on the line to the Predator drones in the air, the potential threat of terrorism and drug smugglers tunneling under our borders. While nothing he offers is ground-breaking it is top notch investigative reporting

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