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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Due Diligence - A Review

A debut novel that like Grisham brings the world of torts and spreadsheets alive with intense stress and tension; who knew the corporate board could be so exhilarating?

When Mike Wilson, CEO of Louisiana Light set his mind on a new acquisition there were no boundaries he wouldn’t cross to get there, especially in a billion dollar takeover of one of the largest power companies in Great Britain.

Pete Stanzy, the patsy Wilson sets up as the fall guy at investment bank Dyson Whitney, only sees the seventy million dollar commission and is happy to ignore suspicions of infractions for the almighty buck. When junior partner Rob Holding sees this is going to be the next Enron he is told to button it by Dyson Whitney’s upper management and go with the flow.

The secret deal is accidently discovered by an investigative journalist who overhears a brief conversation with Downing and a local DA. When Downing inadvertently verifies those secrets, and then is given more information by a secret inside agent, his life is in jeopardy as Wilson pulls out all the stops, including dealings with an underworld boss he owes a bundle to, in order that this deal of a life time goes through.

Although Rush takes his time in letting us know who the real protagonist is once we cotton to it, get past the inner workings of corporate deals and recognize that this is a familiar plot that follows the expected storyline, the how-it-all-goes-down comes flooding out and drags us through the whole saga with a wild rush of hide-and-seek.

A highly entertaining and electrifying ride

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