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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mind Storm - a review

Twenty years after the child prophet Aisling foresaw the future the human mutant psions, Threnody Corwin and her partner Quinton Martinez are dispatched to what remains of Los Angeles, now known as ‘The Slums of the Angels’ on a suicide mission for failing to obey orders on Corwin’s last mission. The two are part of the Strykers Syndicate, enslaved solders contracted out on the most dangerous missions.

Psions came in various class and strengths, armed with telepathic strengths with the ability to teleport at a moment’s notice. This time they were to hunt down and eliminate Lucas, the rogue son of Nathan Serca, a high-level, gene-trash human who was posing as a genetically-registered human. Serca, who was in charge of gathering the humans for a journey on the Arc to Mars. Earth was seriously depleted of all its natural resources after The Border Wars. The World Court convened and decided who is worthy to travel to the colony and Earth will be left to the mutants and unregistered masses.

Lucas has another plan in mind, rescuing those that deserve to be, those who will make this world a better place. Once he can arrange to have the neurotrackers cut out of the necks of the four Strykers he recruits, once he convinces them that his powers and skill levels are superior to theirs, they take on the project of protecting the followers Lucas has gathered together.

Serca pulls out all stops to get the remaining Strykers to bring in the fallen four and a pitch battle over human rights on Earth takes place during the twenty-fourth century. With the help of matron they raid the Gene Bank and the Seed Bank in an effort to save humankind. Will the destiny that Ailing prophesized come to pass or was it just the ramblings of mad child?

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