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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fade - A YA Review

Working closely with her new employers, the local police department, Janie and her now boyfriend Cabel, the  undercover ‘narc’ at her high school, have  heard that there is the possibility of a pedophile teacher that needs to be set up.

Janie, through the powers allotted to her, manages to overhear inklings of this perv teacher through infiltrating the dreams of some of her schoolmates and then pinpoints Mr. Durbin, a popular science teacher, as the possible target. She allows herself to become ingratiatingly close to him and gets herself invited to a private party. Cabel meantime, just a teenager himself, has problems with his girlfriend getting this close, and looking like she is showing affection to the older man, even though he hears from Janie that she hates it. She also reminds him that in their last assignment he had allow himself to become close to one of female students in the drug bust he was working.

The party gets out of hand, there is alcohol served, HGB is in every liquid you can imagine and not only do we have basically a fill scale orgy there are two other males teachers frolicking with the female students. Now while all this is titillating and exciting to read, and nothing outside of the realms of what today’s teenagers have seen or heard from their peers, it did seem to be a little unlikely to me that this many teachers would be involved so openly and that a high school student would be allowed to be involved so much as the bait under these circumstances. It is for that reason that out of the three in the trilogy I only gave four stars to this book; the unbelievable meter took over.
Know what your teens are reading. Use these books as a talking point, something to help your teens understand some of the perils of youth so they can find answers just as the teens in this novel did, and enjoy this rip-roaring novel that you just can’t put down when you start.

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