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Monday, June 27, 2011

Gone YA Trilogy review

McMann is back on track in this five-star finale of her trilogy as she delves into the emotions of teenagers Janie and Cabel as they have to make those angst filled decisions regarding their future.

The book begins with picking up on the end of book two. Having helped the police bust a teacher who was a child molester their cover is blown at school so to get away from the stares, side-wise looks and cat-calls of narc the two head for a remote cabin to spend time with relatives and consider what comes next. In the middle of the holiday Janie receive an urgent call from a neighborhood friend that she has had to rush Janie’s alcoholic mother to the hospital. Cabel drives Janie, still unable to drive herself because of the seizures she suffers while under the power of other’s dreams, only to find out the emergency is much different than they could have imagined.  The patient is Janie’s long-lost father.

Having never known her father and having lost her mother to a battle with alcoholism Janie is unsure what to do or feel. She sees inside her father’s dreams, his tormented mind as he lies dying from what is assumed a tumor of the brain. She settles for looking into his background and discovers a life she never imagined. She also discovers that her father had not been aware that her mother was pregnant when they split up. Realization, through dreams and facts shows her that he too was a dream catcher and had lived a life of isolation in order not to have to deal with the mind-blowing experiences that other people’s dreams lead to.

Janie realizes that the decision she had made to isolate - therefore not put Cabel through a relationship like she had learned from her mentor, Ms. Stubin, would lead to a life where by the time she turned mid-twenty would see her become crippled and blind because of the stress her body would take on from other’s dream resolutions – was not the correct decision too as apparently not using the gift turned you brain to mush just like her father. A decision awaits her both leading to equally terrible results but one has to be decided.

Can’t wait for the movie!

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