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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fade - A YA review

Fast paced and edgy this first in the McMann trilogy features Janie Hannigan , a high-school senior who has lived with a dreadful secret for years – she can see your dreams.
In this young adult thriller we are treated to influences from Stephen King.  Consider this language worthy of the master himself as McMann describes her class-mates, “The oversleepers, latecomers, and don’t-give-a-shitters” … perfect.  The dreams of her friends, class-mates, mother and anyone she happens to walk or drive by at the time they are sleeping causes seizures and convulsions in Janie. She goes through the turmoil of World War II, hiding in the trenches with an old man in the nursing home where she works after school, and sees her soon to be beau’s father spray lighter fluid on him and light it.
It is not until she runs into an elderly blind lady, Ms. Stubin, who as she dies lets her know there are other dream catchers out there. Learning to not only see but enter dreams Janie channels powers she never knew she possessed until she is able to influence the outcome of her ‘victims’ dreams and discovers a world far beyond anything she would have been able to conceive previously.
This was a quick two-hour read. I couldn’t put in down. Now I have to go find Fade and Gone so I can satisfy my craving for this highly addictive series.

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