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Monday, June 13, 2011

Glass Demon - A Young Adult Novel Review

When the first thing that happens to you upon moving to a new town is discovering a corpse perhaps that should be taken as a sign of things to come! When you are a teenage girl moving to Germany from England, at the behest of your father the professor, and he doesn’t want to call the police to report the finding so he won’t get delayed, it becomes the worst thing that has ever happened to you.
In this Young Adult novel Lin, a teenage girl and her family move to a small burg in Germany in order that her father, the Professor of Medieval Studies, could be the next Indiana Jones; or at least in his mind. Never mind it meant uprooting his two teen daughters, their step-mum and the new baby while he chased the myth of Bonschiarant - the Glass Demon. The town of Baumgarten was part of German folk-lore that linked the Allerheheilgen Abbey to the five-hundred-year-old masterpiece of stained glass that to a Medievalist was a kind of Holy Grail.
Intent on discovery the family settle in to their new rural surroundings while accidents happen around them including the death of a local historian, a brush with death for her half-brother and the murder of her sister. With the help of a local boy, Michel, who lived on the farm up the road, and who had developed a crush on Lin, the teenagers do what the parents can’t, discover the glass and discover the deaths in the area are all depicted in scenes on the stained glass. With both their lives in jeopardy the two move quickly to solve the real mystery behind the demon in the glass in order to bring some sense to the tragedy it had caused in both their families.

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