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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bourne Dominion - A review

One assumed with Robert Ludlum’s untimely passing that Jason Bourne passed on with him, however the character is alive and well and in the capable hands of Van Lustbader.
From South America to Europe and back to the Middle East, Bourne helps track down and kill the worst bad guys in the world while apparently being marked for death by the Russian spymasters, FSB-2, who send the one man Bourne has ever trusted, Boris Karpov as his assassin.
Meanwhile, Severus Domina, an underground secret terrorist group, is out to attack America again in her homeland. This multi-faceted group has agents in every part of the world, imbedded in government and business, all with one goal in mind, world domination.
As usual nothing in Bourne’s life is as it appears. From the diabolical female triplets to the Mossad agent masquerading as an airline stewardess there are obstacles and assistance placed in his path at every turn. And let’s not forget the murderous Columbian drug dealer that just won’t let matters rest either. I don’t think Bourne ever has a restful night, but then again who needs sleep when the country’s sole survival is on your shoulders.
There are so many interwoven complex plots, secret organizations, inter lapping characters, and dead people who really aren’t that the reading of this novel about scrambles the brain. I already had a hard enough time truly understanding the twists and turns that Ludlum took us through with Bourne and so I was interested in seeing where Van Lustbader would take the character. Would he simplify matters and allow us to see inside Bourne for who he really is or use the same mad-scramble style of storytelling of his predecessor? If you liked Ludlum’s Bourne then you are in luck, you will love this new edition of Jason Bourne too.

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