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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Consequences: The Criminal Case of David Parker Ray - a review of a True Crime

When a young woman is found running naked down a country road in Elephant Butte NM with nothing but a collar and a chain fastened around her neck the killing and torture spree of David Parker Ray came to a halt.
Cindy Vigil, was one of the lucky ones. Only a few had survived at the hands of the criminal sexual sadist and those that had where so drugged on ametriptoline as to not remember little to anything of their experience. When authorities followed their leads back to the home of DPR they were all flabbergasted at the extent of the crimes committed.
Along with his torture chamber, labeled The Toy Box, they also found extensive diaries describing in great detail all the gruesome tortures and murders he had committed over a forty-four year span starting when he turned fifteen
This true life crime saga is told in clinical detail covering all the known facts, as horrific as they are, and the subsequent trials of DPR, his girlfriend, daughter and other known associates. It makes for a gruesome read and a look at a little slice of America that we all would prefer to forget existed.
Hard to rate it, cant say I liked it but found it fascinating, well told and a good research avenue for novelists who are writing abut aspects of S&M  or BDSM

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