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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cryers Cross - a review

The ghosts of the poor children virtually abandoned and many beaten to death in the confines of one of Montana’s worst reform schools over a hundred years ago, are crying out from the grave to be saved. The teenagers from Cryer’s Cross, a small, one-room school town, are disappearing, two are gone, Tiffany and now Nico, leaving no trace or clue. They simply just vanished.
Kendall, Nico’s lifelong friend is distraught after his disappearance. Her whole life is interrupted, the school’s soccer team is disbanded, Juilliard turned her down and two new teenagers have moved into town, as if to take over the place of the missing teens. At least it keeps order in her OCD-riddled mind.
Unable to rest with her friend gone, Kendall finds herself drawn to the new boy, eighteen year old Jacian, when they are thrown together as the town imposes a curfew and travel restrictions on the teens in town until the mystery can be solved.
As school continues, Kendall keeps noticing the desk Nico sat in keeps getting out of place each morning. She would notice since she has to align them all in correct order every morning. She realizes this is the same desk Tiffany—the other missing teen—sat in last year and graffiti is scratched in the desk top that she doesn’t recall seeing before. It reads Please Save Me. Sitting at the desk she too is put under a spell as the voices of the past call for her help. Will Jacian be able to figure out the town’s secret in time to save Kendall from being the next to vanish forever?
McMann is again at her top-draw best as she weaves another young adult novel into a story that crosses all ages and simply becomes a great yarn that anyone will want to read.

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  1. Ooooh! This looks like a pretty interesting ghost story. Funny. I have a reform school ghost story, but mine is TOTALLY different (a relief, i tell you)--this looks more horror, where mine in more mainstream. Still, I will look for this one.


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