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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SoWest So Wild, A Desert Sleuths Sisters in Crime Anthology - a review

These twenty tales of the American South West are brought to us by a chapter of the Sisters in Crime organization based out of Phoenix, AZ and are stories linking our past to our present through charlatans and sheriffs, housewives and trail hands. Regular readers of Suspense Magazine will already be familiar with a couple of the authors whose work has been highlighted in the pages of the magazine previously: Deborah Ledford and Leslie Kohler.
From the streets of Tombstone in the south, to the far reaches of Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly, we are treated to stories of murder and mayhem, myth and malice. Old Indian tales of the spirit world, Pinkerton agents and family squabbles make up the entertaining stories in this anthology of the Wild West.
The Southwest has seen its share of troubles and violence, stories we have seen documented in the movies on the silver screen to the current news headlines on our televisions, and these twenty authors have managed to fan the flame to keep alive in an anecdotal way, the stories that have helped fashion the South West.
“So West, So Wild” takes us from the comedic to the noir, modern day methodology to the past’s practicality, and shows us why many Arizonans still find a reason to strap on a six-shooter in this desolate and wild part of the United States.

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