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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Mists of Adrianna by Roger Woodbury - a review


With nothing more than a passing interest in Porsche two people, Colleen, a woman stranded on the side of the road, and her prince in shining armor who rescues her from her plight, form a relationship. As the friendship develops and he has his first date since his wife died we can see love begin to bloom.
They say when you are so blindly, madly in love you can’t see clear enough to understand what is really going on. Others see things you don’t or won’t believe, even when explained so as the woman’s background starts to surface we, as the reader, see what the protagonist seems to miss.
Learning that her father was a Cold-War spook, that her parents were killed in an accident, that the summer camps she attended as a teenager where geared to train her for a life as a spy and that she is on the run from a drug-dealing Columbian husband, would throw up red flags for most of us, however he stumbles blindly on. When we begin to wonder if the stranded motorist ploy was a plot to pull him in and finding his house is bugged by factions of the government who are keeping an eye on his lady-friend, nothing seems to deter him from developing the relationship; she is after all the most beautiful woman ever to be attracted to him
In this first book of a planned trilogy the author treats us to a fast-paced debut novel full of intrigue and danger. As in ‘Rebecca’, the classic story from du Maurier we are never given the name of our adventurer, however this trick works so well that I did not realize the absence of a name until I began the review process, so bravo Mr. Woodbury

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